About Us

Our Promise ~ “When we are done you will love and know your piano better.”

Aidan Bittner is the owner and founder of A.C.B Piano tuning and has been tuning and fixing pianos since he was 15 years old. He has been taking piano since he was 6 and figured what better job to have for a piano player then to be able to go fix, tune and play so many peoples pianos! He truly loves what he does. He is also a signed artist at Invention City Records here in Dayton OH and is a seasoned performer aspiring to be the next great thing! If there is anyone who will treat you and your piano with love and respect, he is your tuner.

Our Staff

Aidan Bittner

Aidan Bittner is the owner and founder of ACB Piano Tuning & Repair. He founded this company 2015 as he always had a passion for musical instruments and pianos. 

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